The Essential Best of Cebu

jayjay-neriAN island in the Pacific. That is how Cebu was being marketed many years ago. This was done to emphasize that Cebu was better than any other place in the country. We Cebuanos are a proud lot. That said, we are also very hospitable and always want to showcase to our visitors the best Cebu has to offer.

So once again, SunStar brings you our annual Best of Cebu issue of SunStar Weekend. Now on its third year, the Best of Cebu issue together with the Best of Cebu party has become an essential part of Cebuano pop culture. Some people use it as a guide to the best places to eat. Others check it out to discover new adventures to try. Out-of-towners use it to discover what Cebu has to offer.

We have even expanded into social media and online with new categories decided through people’s preferences. Whatever is worth seeing, tasting and trying in Cebu, you will find it in this issue. Here is our take, as well as that of our online community, on what is the best our beloved metropolis has to offer.