Budong Malunggay Pandesal – Best Pandesal


The classic pandesal rides on the malunggay-infused food wave with malunggay pulp mixed into the dough. Budong’s gets the credit for being first to set up shop. The malunggay content, coming off more in an enticing green fragrance than in actual herby taste, adds much to the inherent aromatics of the bread, making one forget the health benefits with each piece downed.

Branches across Cebu,, 0915-7499469.

2 thoughts on “Budong Malunggay Pandesal – Best Pandesal

  1. Dear Budong Malunggay Pandesal,

    I am Maricris Titong of Gourmissimo Enterprises Inc. I am emailing you today to set an appointment for the product endorsement of our product (FIRMOSO B) that you can use as a extender of your bread and buns.

    Hoping that I can get feedback to you the soonest.

    Thank you,

    Maricris Titong

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