Best Leather Goods Repair 2015

2nd CHANCE TOTAL LEATHER CARE. Give your worn-out, flaky, peeled-off, discolored or tired-looking shoes, bags and leather goods a new lease on life with 2nd Chance Total Leather Care.

2nd Chance is your all-weather, leather repair store that fixes, relines, stitches, cleans, refinishes, restores and shines your pre-loved leather goods, making them regain that elegant good-as-new look.

F. Ramos cor. Villanueva Sts., Cebu City, 236-1673, 0917-4942727

2 thoughts on “Best Leather Goods Repair 2015

  1. hello ma’am/sir mangutana lang ko kung pila ang fixed amount kung mag paiis ug cover sa block leather shoes ..?na buak naman gud ang gilid tapos pailisan naku …

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