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ALA Gym – Best Boxing Gym


Considered the headquarters to some of the city’s finest trainers, the gym will have you running, punching, doing workouts — pushing you past your limits — all in one session. ALA Gym’s boxing program gives a mean punch to your adrenaline, and more importantly, aids in keeping your body fit and toned.

2nd Level, Banilad Town Centre, Gov. M Cuenco Ave., Cebu City. 416-2011.

2 thoughts on “ALA Gym – Best Boxing Gym

  1. I agree the ALA boxing gym is the finest facility for training future champions and providing self defense skills for young men and women. I know first hand. My two sons spent several years at the ALA gym in Cabancalan. The trainers there taught them respect, boxing skills and self assurance. There are better men today because of of this wonderful facility that Cebu is fortunate to have. Thank you Tony.

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