Parkmall - Best Place for Zumba

Parkmall – Best Place for Zumba


Parkmall has carved a name in the malling industry with its innovative features and activities.

Its latest accolade comes from the malling public, in particular those who zumba their way to fitness.

Parkmall is fast shaping up as a fitness destination, with its Zumba Fridays drawing the active crowd, alongside the other fitness programs it hosts for its mallgoers, such as aerodance, dance jam, and aerobics with taichi.

North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, 344-7817.

2 thoughts on “Parkmall – Best Place for Zumba

  1. I don`t` need a mall to do my exercise.If you are serious with your exercise,you can do it in your backyard or inside your house.Do a 20 minute walk everyday and it is better than showing off your clothes and spandex etc.This is just a show off not a serious exercise.

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