Choobi Choobi – Best Bang For Your Buck


Choobi Choobi’s main draw is its one-pound Shrimp in a Bag with a number of flavors to choose from, such as choobi sauce, spicy gata and butter garlic.

Of course, Stan’s Peppered Shrimp is just as indulgent. The succulent Chilean Mussels in a Bag also come in butter garlic, tao si, spicy gata and Cajun sauce flavors.

Choobi Choobi’s other dishes like the Utan Mongos and Tinolang Manok Bisaya are seasoned with home-cooked goodness, while their grilled and fried offerings are sure to complement their seafood fare.

And the price? Well, it’s incomparable bang-foryour- buck goodness. Locations in Mabolo and Parkmall 422-8686.

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