Best Cake 2015

LEONA CAKES & PASTRIES’S GUAVA CAKE. As the panel narrowed down shortlists and came up with several categories for the different kinds of cakes, it was then that we realized that best is best and there can only be one across that board.

Leona’s is most famous for breads and pastries that capitalize more on excellent flavor and texture than the visuals. Their equally excellent cakes don’t really pack attention-grabbing flourishes, as well. Their very best is one of their simplest: a guava chiffon cake with light guava frosting.

Perfect for the sweet tooth and none too aggressive for the sugar-averse, it is that balance and the delicate flavor that, inversely, make it stand out from all the rest.

Locations include Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo, and SM Northwing, 233-0386.

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