Best Ramen 2015

Ramen2NOKOU KOTTERI from SACHI AUTHENTIC JAPANESE RAMEN OKONOMIYAKI. What makes Sachi’s Noukou Kotteri Ramen the best in the land? Let’s start with the ajitsuke tamago with its pleasantly sweet-salty flavor.

Then there’s the chashu, tender to the bite without losing texture. And of course, the ramen broth — made from three kinds of pork bone, three kinds of chicken bone, and three kinds of fish, simmered to perfection for 24 hours — which gets better with every slurp along with the superb homemade noodles, kikuragi, and nori that melts in your palate.

M. L. Quezon Ave., Cabancalan, Mandaue City, 505-8165.

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