Best Restaurant Service 2015

THE ABACA GROUP. Friendliness, flexibility, discretion, timeliness and, above all, operational knowledge of the staff are hallmarks of all the brands under the Abaca Group.

Service at any of these mostly casual restaurants would easily trump those of most others sporting the fine dining tag.

All but a red carpet is rolled out in welcome. Dishes are announced as these are served, empty ones quickly disappear as if by magic, the wait staff flitter about unobtrusively, almost anticipating their patrons’ next need and each one comes well-versed with the menu.

What’s even more impressive is how this efficiency is regimented.

Dine at an Abaca restaurant and should you have any complaints, you’d probably be happier you made one with the way they would resolve it.

The Abaca Group, outlets include ABC Baking Company at Crossroads Mall in Banilad and Cybergate in Fuente Osmeña, and Tavolata and Bequaa at Design Center of Cebu in Mandaue City, 342-2222.

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  1. Abaca Group is highly recommendable to foreigners of any nationality. Cheers to this group of restaurants!!!

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