Best Ecotoursim Experience 2016

AGUINID FALLS. The centerpiece of Samboan’s ecotourism programs, the eight-level Aguinid Falls in Barangay Tangbo is a fine example of how the community can actively participate in managing responsibly its precious natural attractions, while spurring the local economy at the same time. Because of this sense of community, Aguinid Falls has remained pristine despite the number of tourists who come in droves to experience its calcite-rich turquoise waters. The Samboanons take pride of the richness and beauty that is Aguinid Falls, and for good reason.

The responsible tourist: exploring Aguinid Falls

Pay attention. Guests of Aguinid Falls need to be briefed at the start of the trek, especially on safety and how to act accordingly in a sensitive ecosystem that nature has shaped gloriously over time.

Follow the rules. Guests are not allowed to bring food to the waterfalls as this would contaminate the area. And never pick flora and fauna, nor leave trash behind even if each guide is assigned specific areas to keep clean.

Follow your guides. Considering the different difficulty levels of the trek through the accessible five tiers of the falls, having guides is mandatory, as they will keep you safe every step of the way.

Tip guides well. Though tourists pay minimal entrance fee for the community, there is no mandatory fee for guides, who are among the nicest you’d meet, so tip them generously as a gesture of appreciation.

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