Best Bread Basket 2016

ANITA’S. We’ve awarded the odd bread categories in the past two years and with the multitude of types, we thought it best to recognize a one-stop shop for the homegrown brand with most of the best local varieties. “Baking goodness through the years,” Anita’s has kept a relatively quiet profile, sticking to its neighborhood bakery concept from inception. It surprisingly held most of top picks in the blind tasting, bagging it the first of this first.

As common as the “bread of salt” is, there still would be the good, the bad and the ugly among its kind. Anita’s has perfected the recipe to yield these slightly sweet rather than salty, soft and chewy bread rolls.

Cheese Bread
It wouldn’t be called cheese bread if the cheese in it was more of a suggestion than an actuality. Anita’s delivers with more cheese than the centimeter cube present in big name competitors. That point and the tasty bread itself balancing out the mellow sharpness of the local processed cheddar.

Coco Bread
The tropical sweetness of coconut caramelizes with the sugar and butter in the filling in this mealy, sweet snack treat.

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