Best Homemade Ice Cream 2017: Alicaya Ice Cream

Conrado Alicaya has been making his brand of ice homemade cream since 1990, following the age-old process his brother did way back in 1975. Made from milk, cassava starch, and a secret ingredient, Alicaya Ice Cream comes in more than 10 flavors, such as Mango Cheese, Fruit Salad, and Halo-halo. This ice cream with satisfyingly rich flavors is delivered inside a classic tube-shaped stainless steel container. An icy brine mixture in a compartment inside the container provides just the perfect freezing temperature for this special delight, keeping its perfect, extra creamy texture for hours. Conrado himself makes the ice cream every day to maintain the quality and taste that have made loyal customers over the years.

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