Best Heritage Enterprise 2016

Hablon Weaving in Argao. It has become a tourist sidetrip of sorts, but the hablon weaving facility in the town of Argao not only offers a glimpse of traditional Argaoanon livelihood, it has unraveled the many possibilities of the hablon cloth, especially in fashion. A project of the Deparment of Trade and Industry along with Cebu Technological University, the Shared Service Facility for Handloom Weaving at the CTU Argao Campus showcases finished products from pillow covers to gowns. It has drawn support from prominent fashion industry practitioners such as Dexter Alazas, who uses hablon in his creations and advocates its use. Much credit goes to Argao’s seasoned hablon weavers who have preserved the craft and woven its real value into Cebu’s evolving cultural fabric.

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