Best Heritage Park 2016

OSLOB HERITAGE PARK. The Oslob Heritage Park is one that’s friendly to locals and travelers alike: it offers sprawling open space that faces the serene Cebu Strait. Beyond that, however, is a park that carries much historical significance. Within the park’s perimeters are three main heritage structures: the Baluarte, the Cuartel and the Immaculate Conception Parish Church. The Baluarte stands as testament to the brilliance and bravery of “El Parroco Capitan” Fr. Julian Bermejo, who devised in the late 1700s a series of 12 watchtowers spanning several towns to defend against pirates and invaders. A statue of Fr. Bermejo stands in front of the Baluarte’s ruins, not far from the Cuartel, which served as the Spanish barracks, and the parish church, whose construction the priest oversaw.

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